Support Groups

AMI offers the following support groups on a regular basis:

  • Parents and Caregivers of children with AS
  • Parents and Caregivers of adults with AS
  • Peer Support Groups for adults with AS
  • Social Group for 16 and older
  • AMI Kids Club – a social group for children and teens

Please visit our Events page to find the date and times of upcoming meetings.

Education and Awareness

AMI participates in education and awareness building activities such as workshops and presentations to community stakeholders as well as other activities. We have a team of AMI members who can offer requested and planned events to community stakeholders.


AMI works to develop advocacy strategies and initiatives and formulate advocacy strategies and activities including meetings with government officials and service agencies.


AMI holds conferences that brings in relevant speakers and information for members.

Asperger Manitoba Inc. Resource Centre

AMI’s goal is to develop a resource centre offering skill development training in relationship, occupational, functional (life), and social skills to those with Asperger syndrome (AS) and related conditions (e.g., other autism spectrum disorders) who are not eligible for other community programs.  For more information please visit the AMRC section of our website.

Adult Skills for Living Groups

A skills for living program designed to help adults with Asperger Syndrome navigate the wide range of social situations and work on different skills which may include social skills, self-esteem, relationships, communication, non-verbal cues, body language, conversation skills, anger management, anxiety and more.  To be place on the wait list, please go here

Building Social Skills for Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome

A Social Skills training program pilot designed to help individuals with Asperger Syndrome to navigate a wide range of social situations and to make friends.  To be placed on the wait list, please go here.

For more information on any of the Services that AMI offers please Contact Us

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