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The Asperger Manitoba Resource Centre (AMRC) is a resource centre offering social skills groups for children and skill development training in relationship, occupational, functional (life), and social skills to adults with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and related conditions (e.g., other autism spectrum disorders) who are not eligible for other community programs. The psycho-social small group programming is offered on a weekly basis facilitated by trained professionals to provide opportunities for adults and children to learn and practice social skills in an environment with peers and professional support.


Individuals with AS and related disorders (for example, High Functioning Autism, or Pervasive Development Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified) experience great difficulty in the area of social competence as well as other areas that impact their ability to live and function independently. Many children, youth and adults with AS and related disorders are socially isolated even when they would prefer to have friends and be able to interact with others in a more typical manner. Many also struggle with employment, financial planning and other skills associated with independent living. Skills training in different areas can help people with AS learn how to behave appropriately in a wide range of social situations, how to make friends, as well as how to create the structure in their lives that will help them to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.


The Skills Training Group for Adults with AS is a client-driven program that will provide adults with AS and other related disorders, who are currently not receiving support, an opportunity to gain knowledge and competence in using various skills in their daily lives.
Specific skill development areas that may be covered in the group sessions:
• Understanding non-verbal cues and body language
• Dealing with frustration and anxiety
• Using conversation skills
• Building and maintaining friendships
• Dating and Employment skills
• Dealing with school and family demands


For the Adult Skills Group brochure, please click here. To apply for the Adult Skills Group, please click here.


The Building Social Skills Group for Children and Youth with AS is a social skills training program designed to help individuals with AS to navigate a wide range of social situations and to make friends. Since Parent/Caregiver involvement can greatly improve generalization of the skills learned during group sessions to their home and school environment, parent/caregiver sessions are offered concurrently with the children’s social skills group.


To apply for the Children & Youth Social Skills Group, please click here.


The AMRC operates with support from:

  • The Winnipeg Foundation
  • Investors Group
  • Opt-In
  • University of Manitoba
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