Pathways to Employment

This project will combine the Launch into Life! Transition planning program from Sinneave Foundation (follow this link to learn more) with Start Strong, a post-secondary prep program and Building Independence, a pre-employment prep program.

Launch into Life! includes a series of three two hour workshops staged over three weeks where individuals and families will consider Health and Wellbeing, Education and Employment, Communication and Social Relationships, Independent Living Skills and Legal and Financial Issues associated with the change from children’s to adult systems and supports.

Start Strong is a 6 week series of workshops aimed at helping those students with ASD considering or already attending post-secondary education at Red River College, University of Manitoba or another post-secondary institution.  Topics covered in this series include understanding ASD, disclosure, accommodations, stress and anxiety, working in group settings, social relationships and more.

Building Independence is an 11-week workshop series preparing those interested in employment for the world of work.  Again, the basics of understanding ASD, anxiety, disclosure and accommodation will be covered in this context with additional topics of social relationships on the job, handling conflict, appropriate dress and hygiene, the resume, cover letter and job interview and much more.  Three mock job interviews are included in the program to help prepare candidates for what they may encounter when pursuing employment.

Using this comprehensive approach to planning and goal setting, coupled with specific programming aimed at building helpful skills youth and adults with ASD will be better prepared for success whatever the future may hold for them.

To apply for Launch into Life! please contact Anne at or call 204-807-7295.



Thank you to our project partners for their commitment to its success!

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