Introducing the Quickstart Planning Guide to the Transition to Adulthood


The Sinneave Family Foundation has done it again. While the Launch into Life process, featured in our Transition to Adulthood page, is a great comprehensive approach to planning, sometimes, a quicker, more concise approach can work wonders.  The transition to adulthood might be something you are looking forward to, but at the same time it involves taking on new challenges and making changes.  Completing the Launch into Life! QuickStart Planning Tool can help you feel more confident and be better prepared for the future. This tool will help you think about life after high school and how to prepare for life as an adult. Successful adulthood means a lot more than just finishing school, having a job, or moving out. The QuickStart Planning Tool will help you plan and build your best adult life. Check it out here: Launch-QuickStart-Planning-Tool-Final-Fillable-Feb-2021

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