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Consultation on the Primary Health Care Experience of Persons with Disabilities

The Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities is doing a research project to understand the experiences of people with disabilities have in receiving primary health care services – that is, health care from family doctors, general practitioners, or nurse practitioners.   We are conducting a consultation in your area and we would appreciate it if [...]

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Volunteers Needed for Archival Website Research Study

Lisa Snider is doing a study to look at archival websites, inform archivists about the possible barriers on their websites, and educate them on how to make their websites more accessible and usable for all viewers.  She is particularly interested in increasing awareness about website accessibility in archival environments.   If you are an adult (18+) who [...]

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Is Autism an “Epidemic” or are we Just Noticing More People Who Have It?

Please take a look at this July 11, 2012 article from Discover Magazine by Emily Willingham titled “Is Autism an “Epidemic” or are we Just Noticing More People Who Have It?”

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Research Report from Child and Adolescent Skills Group

Asperger Manitoba Inc. supported two spark* groups that were held in conjunction Dr. Janine Montgomery at the University of Manitoba Department of Psychology and Dr. Heather MacKenzie, Wired Fox Publications.  From this research the Doctors presented at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR), May 17-19, 2012.  The research is promising and we looking forward [...]

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