The Transition to Adulthood

Are you ready to “Launch into Life?”

For youth on the Autism Spectrum/with Asperger Syndrome, the transition to adulthood is a multifaceted process involving many different systems.  It is important to plan in a thoughtful manner to get the most out of what exists and determine what pieces need to be put in place to cover those areas not covered by our current support systems.  Launch into Life can help. Launch into Life is a workshop series adapted by Asperger Manitoba Inc., in collaboration with Autism Speaks Canada, Continuity Care and Innovative Life Options, from the original process developed by the Sinneave Foundation in Calgary.

You can learn more about the original process and review Sinneave Foundation resource materials here.

In addition to a comprehensive guide to transition planning, PREPARE TO LAUNCH rev, that has been amended and updated with Manitoba-specific references, materials and resources, AMI has worked with our partners to develop a series of video clips that introduce each of five domains that are addressed in the Launch into Life process.

Introduction to Launch into Life

Communication and Social Relationships

Education and Employment

Health and Wellbeing

Independent Living

Legal and Financial Issues

You can work through the process on your own with the help of the guide and the videos, or you can attend a series of workshops, hosted by Continuity Care, which lead you and a group of other parents through the planning stages.  Contact Suzanne at Continuity Care ( to learn when the next series will be starting.

Another great resource document, although heavy in American content, is Life Journey Through Autism: A Guide for Transition to Adulthood by Danya International and the Organization for Autism Research. You can view it here.

 The Sinneave Foundation has also developed a more brief, concise version of its transition planning process: The QuickStart Planning Tool. You can learn more and download your copy here.

For adults with ASD, there is a great series of resources available through AIDE Canada. Winnipeg’s own Matthew Derraugh headed up the development of a video series that speaks to: 

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