Mental Health Literacy for ASD

Mental health literacy is described in the guide as knowing about mental health and having skills and support to apply that knowledge, including how to prevent mental health problems, the kinds of problems that can develop, effective self-help and community strategies for mild-to-moderate problems and explanations of how to help others.

Approximately half of autistic adults will have at least one mental health or addiction diagnosis in their recent pastand autistic adults are three times more likely to have a suicide attempt compared to non-autistic adults. Researchers say previous mental health literacy materials did not talk about the intersections between well-being, mental health problems, and what it’s like to be autistic.

The content is targeted toward autistic adults and their family members, professionals, policy-makers and leaders to increase their understanding about mental health within the context of autism, and to provide information about the mental health systems across Canada.

Download the guide here

There are 6 videos that accompany the guide which can be viewed here

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