2015 Conference: Different perceptions – Seeing Me, Seeing You


Employers, Teachers, Student Services Administrators, Clinicians,

Supported Employment Providers, Families and Self-Advocates


October 29 & 30, 2015

Asperger Manitoba Inc. presents:

3rd National Conference on Asperger Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder


Different Perceptions – Seeing Me, Seeing You


With special guest speaker: John Elder Robison


John Elder Robison grew up with Asperger’s Syndrome during a time when no one knew what to make of it. With no idea how to pass for normal, and undiagnosed until the age of 40, he nevertheless lived an incredible life. A leading voice on autism, Robison is an affable author and speaker who implores audiences to find strengths where others see weaknesses.


 October 29th: Being Different: Turning Childhood Disabilities into Adult Gifts

John Elder Robison will start the day off describing how the differences of autism and ADHD can disable us as children even as they confer powerful competitive advantages upon us as adults. Though poignant examples from his own life, Robison shows how traits that crippled him as a child actually facilitated some of his greatest accomplishments as an adult. He shares a new way to look at disability, difference, and giftedness, and offers a different paradigm for educators, parents, and neurodiverse people. Anyone who is personally affected by autism, Asperger’s, or ADHD will find this talk illuminating and inspiring. Breakout sessions will follow exploring this theme in more detail. 


October 30th:Hiring on the Spectrum: Neurodiversity at the Workplace

People with autism often have special skills, especially in the fields of math, engineering, and technology. In this talk, John Elder Robison will begin our day sharing his story of life on the autism spectrum and as the founder of the only program that teaches a trade to special education students in a real-world environment. He reveals why companies should take an active role in hiring the neurodiverse, and navigates the benefits and pitfalls for both employer and employee. We can harness people’s special skills, he says, by looking for gifts instead of limitations. There’s much to be gained—for your bottom line, for the autistic person you employ, and for society at large—when hiring someone on the spectrum.  The afternoon will include a series of breakout sessions exploring the transition to adulthood and employment for individuals with Asperger Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Event Fees:
October 29 – Evening Session – Introduction to Mindfulness Training CAD 30.00
October 29 – Creativity on the Spectrum – Registration Regular CAD 175.00
October 29 – Creativity on the Spectrum – Registration Member CAD 125.00
October 30 – Adulthood and Employment – Registration Regular CAD 175.00
October 30 – Adulthood and Employment – Registration Member CAD 125.00


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